Gun For Glory

About Gun For Glory

Gun for Glory (GFG) Shooting Academy established in 2011 under Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation. The sole purpose of the academy is to give guidance to novices and an opportunity to train better for the professionals as it enables the shooters to develop their basics, iron out the chinks in the armor and get ready for the competitions. The meticulously designed academy provides world class infrastructure that is required to prepare a shooter to meet the modern day challenges.


GFG follows a curriculum based training programme designed by our proficient coaches and eminent board members on the basis of SWOT analysis. GFG has brought together a bevy of foreign Coaches, Sports Injury Management Team, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Yoga Guru, and Dietician and advanced shooting assessment technologies like SCATT, video analyzers, Gun testing facility & Equipment control. GFG provides all the enrolled shooters with full equipment support which means all the gun and ammunition will be provided at the academy itself.
GFG is driven on a viewpoint to Develop and Promote India’s best shooting talent by making world class shooting infrastructure and training affordable to them, thereby creating future medal winners for India



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